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Surfside Guardian is a community based online source for news, events and public service announcements for Surfside, Potrero, Flamingo Costa Rica and the surrounding area.

As one of the fastest growing regions in the country we thought it would be nice to have a reliable source of information for those who live here year round and those who visit seasonally.

For those of us who live here we hope to provide a reference for important information and community events and meetings. There are several Community Associations within our area who are trying to bring about improvements for their prospective residents. We hope our site will become a means for seasonal guests to keep up on what is happenning locally, though they may be thousands of miles away.

We also hope to provide sources of news that readers may not have been aware of, in hopes that rather than dividing the community we can spark intelligent, informed debate. Too much of the news is biased in one direction or another, more opinion than news, and we hope that by finding intelligent articles we can help provide a better picture of the past, present and future. We are not espousing a viewpoint, merely offering perspectives.

We also encourage those in the community with a genuine interest in a particular subject to submit original content or contribute ideas that can help us help our communities. Many of us chose to be here for one reason or another, and hopefully we can help you find others who share your interests.