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In an effort to completely destroy what is left of the economy, the Canadian Government will begin requiring proof of vaccination for all truckers starting January 15.

Government opposition and Industry leaders warn that the mandate will sideline thousands of workers in an industry already suffering from driver shortages.

"There are serious consequences to the supply chain if this policy remains in place," said MP Melissa Lantsman, the Conservatives' transport critic.

Global supply chains have been under immense strain throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in widespread shipping delays and shortages of certain products throughout North America.

The loss of more drivers as a result of this mandate threatens the movement of essential supplies, like food and construction materials, and make it hard for small businesses to deliver their products to customers.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters and Canadian Chamber of Commerce have all requested the federal government to either eliminate or postpone the mandate. As usual there has been no response to their concerns.

The CTA estimates that about 10 to 20 per cent of Canadian truckers, which is roughly between 12,000 and 22,000 workers that will be forced off the job in addition to the 20,000 drivers lost in the spring of 2021

President of the CTA, Stephen Laskowski, said further losses would disproportionately harm smaller companies that don't have the money or ability to secure trucking services in a market with fewer drivers available and estimates that about 70 per cent of the $650 billion U.S.-Canada trade moves by truck. 

Truckers who are not vaccinated will not be permitted to cross the border into or out of Canada starting January 15.

President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Perrin Beatty, said the disruption caused by the mandate eventually will be obvious across the country.

"We'll be seeing shortages of goods in stores," said Beatty.

This should be of great concern for business that relies on supplies of goods to operate, especially restaurants and grocery stores who require constant resupplies.

It should also be a concern for any business that exports goods by truck to the US

With growing evidence that vaccinated individuals have the same risk of catching and spreading Covid, the Canadian government is proving they plan to ignore relevant data and add hurdles to an already stumbling economy.



A powerful supercell thunderstorm traveled more than 200 miles Friday night, from Arkansas to Kentucky, and likely spawned several large, strong tornadoes across four states.

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Former Empire series actor Jussie Smollett is guilty of staging a hoax hate crime against himself and then falsely reporting it to police, a jury ruled last night, nearly three years after the hoax was carried out.

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The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, and they are now reporting 20,595 fatalities, and 1,960,607 injuries, following COVID-19 injections.

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President Emmanuel Macron will require health care, nursing home, restaurant and bar workers to get the vaccine, and everyone will have to show proof of inoculation or a negative test to do just about anything in public.

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Cybersecurity entrepreneur, cryptocurrency advocate, and former U.S. presidential candidate John McAfee has been found dead in his jail cell in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, Barcelona, Spain within hours of a court’s ruling that he would be extradited to the United States on charges of tax evasion and failure to disclose income.

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Reports from the ground in Afghanistan describe people being crushed by crowds trying to get in.

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The Taliban have issued a statement to those looking to leave the country.

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The Taliban forces have entered the city of Kabul this morning as the President of Afghanistan is evacuated and has left the country.

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