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Malaria Cases in Eastern Costa Rica

Costa Rica

As of this Wednesday, the Health Surveillance Directorate (Dirección de Vigilancia de Salud) registered 97 cases of Malaria in the Huertar Caribe regio, of which 56 are male patients and 41 are female patients.

Dr. Rodrigo Marín, director of the Health unit, reported that 42 cases are reported in the canton of Limón, 52 in Pococí, two in Matina and one in Siquirres.

The authorities took a series of immediate measures to try to contain the outbreak, with the work of 50 officials:

  • Systematic active search for malaria cases, prioritizing the town of Moín
  • Prophylactic treatment supervised by the Ministry of Health
  • Application of rapid tests for the diagnosis of malaria (PDR) in all CCSS health establishments in the province of Limón
  • Application of PDR in communities with the appearance of positive cases of malaria, through ATAP and health inspectors
  • Supervision and training of health facility personnel by an expert regional team.
  • Integrated vector management through fumigation with an ultra-low-volume machine to reduce mosquito densities.
  • Development of risk communication strategies in an integrated manner between the CCSS, the Ministry of Health and the Municipal Emergency Commission
  • Strengthening of the laboratories in the area to expand the capacity to carry out diagnostic tests for malaria.

Along with the visits that the medical teams are making, the Ministry of Health asks the population in these areas to go to the centers if they have symptoms related to malaria.

Those conditions are:

  • intermittent fever
  • shaking chills
  • abdominal pain
  • fatigue
  • diarrhea
  • nausea and vomiting
  • headache
  • fast breathing
  • fast heart rate
  • cough
  • Muscle pain

In Guanacaste we remain in the dry season, however people should take time to focus on the removal of potential mosquito breeding sites, such as keeping drinage ditches clear of debris, eliminating potential sites of standing water, and clearing gutters that may be clogged with leaves.