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Essential Costa Rica Promotes Local Mead Producer

Costa Rica Meadery has obtained the corporate license to use the "Essential Costa Rica" country brand for its products and services.  In doing so, Costa Rica Meadery has become the first craft beverage producer in the country to earn the certificate.

Essential Costa Rica is the country brand created to promote the image of Costa Rica in the international market. According to the Esencial Costa Rica website, the aim of the country brand is to boost the country's reputation through tourism, investment, and product exports.

passiflora amapola honey wine from costa rica meaderyCosta Rica Meadery decided to obtain the license in order to improve its efforts to export its products. "Costa Rica Meadery is a member of the Costa Rica Brewers Consortium and through that organization we have started participating in international trade shows like SIAL Paris and FOODEX Tokyo in order to export our honey wine.  We strongly believe that the Essential Costa Rica certification puts our company in a better position in the international market," said Michael Lindeman, co-owner of Costa Rica Meadery.

To obtain the license to use the Costa Rica's Country Brand, Costa Rica Meadery was evaluated to verify that the business, its products, and its services conform to the values ​​of the country brand.  According to Lindeman, Costa Rica Meadery was able to demonstrate a dedication to excellence, a commitment to sustainability, an emphasis on Costa Rican origin, a focus on innovation, and an obligation to social progress.  "In particular, our company was very strong in the Origin and Innovation categories," said Lindeman. "The ingredients of our honey wines (meads) are essentially Costa Rican - rainforest honey, tropical fruits, malted native corn.  We differentiate ourselves in the market by emphasizing local and traditional ingredients in original recipes and by transforming Costa Rican traditions into innovative products."

About Costa Rica Meadery

Costa Rica Meadery was founded in 2013. It is the first and only commercial meadery in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica Meadery's goal is to produce the highest quality artisanal honey wines, meads, and other alcoholic beverages using unique and traditional ingredients from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Meadery products can be found in Costa Rica restaurants, bars, grocery stores, liquor stores and online at http://www.costaricameadery.com.