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'Breakthough Cases' in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

According to data analysed by the Health Statistics Branch of the Costa Rica Social Security Fund (CCSS) as of Wednesday October 20th, there were 862 patients hospitalized for COVID-19.

Of those 343 were in intensive care.

What is concerning is 15.2% of those in the ICU are considered  fully vaccinated, and 37% of those in general care were fully vaccinated. An additional 11% had received their first shot and 2.3% had less than 15 days from their receiving their second shot.

That means for the first time there are more people hospitalized in Costa Rica who have received the vaccine than those who have not.

The good news is of the 244 people hospitalized with a completed vaccination schedule, 71% did not require intensive care.

While the numbers are concerning they are in line with statistics coming out in other countries, showing an increase in the number of fully vaccinated testing positive and being hospitalized.

What are now being termed "breakthrough cases", are on the rise, as one would expect as more people people are achieving the status of fully vaccinated. In Israel 85-90% of the hospitalizations are fully vaccinated, since the majority of the population is fully vaccinated, according to Dr. Kobi Haviv reported by News Israel 13.

Similar stats in other countries with high vaccination rates, as noted in Ireland, England, Iceland and more recently in several US states.

The important reality that is often ignored in reporting the statistics, here in Costa Rica, of the 555970 coronavirus cases to date there have been 6946 deaths including those with comorbities, which indicates 1.24% of total cases resulting in death, or a 98.76% recovery rate, with or without vaccination. Deaths from Covid since the beginning of the 'pandemic' roughly are 0.13% of the total population after nearly two yesrs.

How the rising number of breakthrough cases will be dealt with once the proof of vaccination documentation is required in January, remains to be addressed.

The CDC has stated that breakthrough infections can be contagious, meaning some of those who are fully vaccinated can still spread the virus to others.

Best advice, as with all contagions, if you feel ill, isolate at home and seek medical treatment.